More Works

Our creative capabilities are by no means limited to the projects featured above. Over the years, fig.1 has engaged with a vast amount of clients, such as MLB, Crains, FLOR, Jack Nicklaus and compiled a large portfolio that demonstrates the wide array of our digital and analytical abilities. Some of our noteworthy accomplishments include…..



After building The FLOR iPad we managed their ecommmerce site and produced several How-to videos that have been veiwed hundreds of thousands of times.


Dude Wipes

fig.1 considers ourselves as part of the Dude Product family that continues to grow and make a name for themselves by producing a full line of Dude friendly products. fig.1 helped with consumer research as well as branding. It's fun watching the Dudes keep rocking.



The first digital property to feature Advertising Age's comprehensive editorial redesign, this iPad-based news reader benefits from insightful content and a streamlined user experience. Ninety days worth of streaming Creativity Online video content is integrated into the experience—marking the first time the sister brands combined forces in content delivery.



The Forbes BrandVoice Installation is a gamified experience that demonstrates how brands can use this tool to share thought leadership, expert commentary, reported stories and more. In addition to the kiosk, which uses an iPad as a controller to interact with the larger display in IPG’s media lab, there is also a standalone web application.