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Years in the making, fig.1 has released their Diversity and Inclusion platform for a Fortune 200 business. 



Communication is vital to an organization, and it involves not just talking to someone but actively listening as well. Communication is just as diverse as many workplaces. It's not limited to talking to individuals, whether verbally, non-verbally, through virtual channels such as e-mail, IM written blogs and reports, but also includes providing others with the respect, appreciation, support, and understanding that every colleague deserves. With so many channels of communication coming at us in the workplace it is important for us to be adaptable in both the way we give and receive communication to be a successful global workforce.


What we did:

  1. Absorb, translate and project MMC's vision into an outside-of-the-box business solution while working within the constraints of traditional HR training software.
  2. Quickly ideate options while simultaneously kickstarting the workflow and process of collaboration among dozens of internal stakeholders and 3rd party service providers to launch a product in 17 languages across multiple operating companies globally.
  3. Developed a clean, simple, visually appealing user interface design. Users should not only love the way the application functions - they should love the way it looks as well.
  4. Combined months of research and problem-solving to create a totally unique approach to corporate Diversity and Inclusion Training that ties into their existing learning management function.