The user is in charge and fig.1 has been building software on behalf of the user since 2009. Now we can activate them like never before. 

Headquartered in Chicago with a satellite office in Los Angeles, fig.1 represents creative software engineers, producers, targeted advertisers, and project managers between the coasts and around the world. Our agency specializes in all types of software that redesigns your brands digital layer and drives revenue. Whether you’re selling a product or service we bring extensive experience and professionalism to every client and customize our support to your businesses' individual needs and concerns.  Similar to the digital industry itself, fig.1 has evolved & transformed our brand since entering the market as innovative app developers at the start in 2009.  Throughout the years, fig.1 has followed the digital industry trends, becoming leaders in each expertise.  Today, fig.1 has finally connected all of the expertise and skills for a full service digital agency.  

our expertise include:

app development, website design & development, digital marketing & media campaigns & strategy, eCommerce experience & design, intelligent bots


we use all of these strategies to connect our clients to their consumers using a targeted approach. This serves as an excellent experience for the consumer, so drives revenue & results for clients.   

connect to collaborate

Your business demands digital attention.  Connect with us today to see how we can personalize our expertise and experiences to create a digital strategy that is relevant for your business.  A partnership with us means you have a full service dedicated team to your project, with the intentions to expand your business.  Let's get your business the digital presence it deserves to drive revenue by reaching your target consumers.  Reach out to us today!

During the age of acceleration, you have to adapt.
— James Figliulo, Founder/CEO of fig.1