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Modernizing Social Responsibility:
Introducing fig.1 Interactive


Can compliance be fun? Can social responsibility be interactive? At a time when employees and clients alike show loyalty to companies with strong corporate social responsibility practices, fig.1 Interactive is a new company dedicated to modernizing an increasingly diverse workforce for the digital revolution.


The innovative fig.1 Interactive team, led by a group of professionals that while at Fig1 Inc. created the acclaimed Diversity & Inclusion training application for Fortune 500 clientele, will serve those companies committed to fostering a pluralistic society.   


Specializing in the creation and development of Diversity & Inclusion-related Human Capital software applications, fig.1 Interactive launches today to directly meet the burgeoning demand for inclusive training in corporations and institutions across the globe. Designed for meaningful, enjoyable and interactive learning, fig.1 Interactive leans on familiar social networking styles to put employees in the driver's seat regarding compliance training. Rich with imagery and multimedia, fig.1 Interactive's D&I app is a cutting-edge e-learning experience crafted for today's multi-generational workforce.


Because compliance should be fun, and social responsibility should be embraced, fig.1 Interactive takes the hard work out of Human Capital applications. Our visionary design allows an employee in San Francisco to experience the workspace of long-distance colleagues in India, or ask questions to a co-worker in Japan before testing cross-cultural communication skills. Sharing real and deeply personal stories gives employees a sense of ownership in diverse environments, simplifying and encouraging conversations around even the most sensitive of subject matters. 


To better understand fig.1 Interactive's goals for social responsibility, watch the trailer below. We can help revolutionize your workforce for today's global mindset.