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The “app” is a simple line of code encapsulated in the form of a square button that people download to their smartphones. That’s one definition of the term. But what the app does after that button is pressed is infinitely more complex. Some are basic enough to exist simply as that—an icon or portal—while others are so advanced that can only be accessed in terminal server rooms.  

At Fig.1, we do both. From the basic to the complex, we conceive, design, and engineer all kinds of apps. And we’ve been doing it for 9 years—just months after Steve Jobs redefined the word in 2008. With such experience to draw on, our agency is fully in tune with the app’s current meaning in marketing and society, which in turn allows/enables us to continue creating technologies that enhance the value and functionality of our clients’ product within that society.  

Fig.1’s recent focus has been with Fortune 500 and Private Capital, but our diverse portfolio demonstrates our willingness/eagerness/excitement to take on any sort of challenge. Our ethic is simple: we meet, we listen, we detect, we advise—and if both parties choose to progress as partners—we bring your vision into reality, or onto the touchscreen.